We have had the absolute pleasure of working closely with Theresa Snyder for a while on a wide range of her books. We finally had the chance to learn a little more about her and what we can expect from her journey as a fantastic Indie Author. Here is her interview:

Q. Hello Theresa and thank you for taking the time to chat with us today, when did you start writing?
A. My mother was a journal keeper. She bought me my first journal and encouraged me to write in it daily. I grew up in a large household with twenty-five brothers, both foster and adopted. As you can imagine, they supplied an endless source of entries for the posts in my journal. I have been writing novels since 1990 and have been published since 2013.

Q. Can you relate to any of your own stories?
A. My memoir ‘We 3’ is full of personal stories about me and my elderly parents. I think you write based on your own experiences and things you have read or heard. My sci-fi, fantasy and paranormal are sprinkled with slightly altered events from my personal experiences or those of my family members.

Q. How many books have you written?
A. I believe I am a bit of an over-achiever. I have written 20 books and have three or more I am finishing up for release in 2016.

Q. Have you ever written in collaboration with another author?
A. I like this question. I have two instances where I have written with other authors. In 2015, David Stevens asked me to proofread his book, “In2Minds.” I really liked it, but suggested he add dialogue. He thinks his dialogue is ‘stilted,’ so he asked me if I would like to rework the book. I did and we published it. I think it turned into a really exciting novella. Buried alive on a distant planet can be a frightening experience when there is no one there to help.

In 2013, I was asked by Drew Avera to join him and three other writers for “The Twin Cities” series. It was exciting to assist in creating ‘The Realms,’ a parallel world to our own where everything humans think is paranormal, mystical or fantastical actually lives. There are four of us writing in this shared setting and I believe I will be writing in it for the rest of my life. There are so many plot options available. My ‘Shifting’ paranormal books are set in ‘The Realms.’

Q. How do you market your books?
A. Marketing, for an indie author, is challenging. I use Twitter because I love to gab and Facebook as well as Google+ because sometimes I need the ability to say more than 140 characters. My blog has over 121,000 followers. I post free serialized stories there which I add to each Saturday. Often these stories become the catalyst for my books, a first draft. I also make reference to my published work there when it relates to the story I am writing. Currently, it is a story set in ‘The Realms,’ my paranormal world.

Q. Do you do all your own proofreading and editing Theresa?
A. No way… An author always needs another set of eyes on their work. We authors tend to read what we ‘think’ we wrote. I actually proofread and edit other author’s work in order to help them shine.

Q. How and where are you publishing this book?
A. I have tried to put my books on all platforms. I have many international readers and they couldn’t get to Amazon, so I am also on Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iApple, Smashwords, GooglePlay, MineEye in the UK, and CreateSpace. All my books are available in ebook or paperback.

Q. Where are your favourite places to read?
A. I actually built a room, I call the Moroccan Room:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qFQL6-Yf-c    I do a lot of my reading and writing out there. If you watch the video you will see why.

Q. What books do you read to children?
A. I love doing book readings and I have done several for local libraries and schools. Usually, I’m asked to read ‘The Farloft Chronicles.’ After all, who doesn’t love dragons? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoYqqxwmnh8

Q. So, what’s coming next?
A. I have several books in different stages of completion. Hopefully, I’ll get the 7th volume of my Scifi series ‘The Star Travelers’ out this year. I have the 2nd book in the ‘In2Minds’ trilogy I started with David Stevens to finish editing. The ‘Shifting’ books will get another volume this year, maybe two. One is almost completed and the other is solidifying in my brain. And of course, Farloft, my dragon, insists on a book this year, so we will have one to three longish, short stories, entitled ‘Farloft’s Early Years.’

In addition to that, I will continue to edit other author’s work and hopefully get more of my work put in audio form.