Word of Honor: Knights of Valor Book 1

by Lauren Linwood

Merryn Mantel and Geoffrey de Montfort have loved each other since childhood. Once betrothed, Geoffrey leaves for the wars in France for five long years. Upon his return, the two marry and spend one blissful night consummating their love and making plans for their future.

But her new husband vanishes the next day without a trace. Merryn grieves for almost seven years—and then Geoffrey returns to her—changed from the boy and man she knew and worshipped. This stranger refuses to reveal where he has been and why he stayed away for so long.

Will her husband’s silence create a rift too large to heal, or can Merryn and Geoffrey recapture the love they once shared?

Praise for Linwood

“The medieval world Lauren Linwood created for her Knights of Valor series is believably entertaining. From diverse characters to emotionally trying circumstances to vivid descriptions, I experienced this period in history where lives are often chaotic and happiness frequently lasts for only a brief time.”

“I am a huge fan of Lauren Linwood, and I couldn’t wait for her to launch her first series. Needless to day, she delivered in a huge way with Word of Honor!”

“Pick up “Word of Honor”, you will not be disappointed. I look forward to the next “Knights of Valor” instalment. A great read that is both satisfying and enjoyable. You may need some tissues!”

“Ms Linwood weaves a tale that is utterly captivating. The passion, the suffering, the hope of love is all woven in the pages that are rich with description and feeling. I couldn’t put this book down!”

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