Too Many Dragons
The Farloft Chronicles Book 4

by Theresa Snyder

When East meets West, there will be Dragon Fire!

Too Many Dragons is book #4 of the continuing saga of Farloft the Dragon and his friends following Kingdom of the Last Dragons (Book #3).

A mysterious visitor from the east has arrived in the Kingdom. He is seeking a magic talisman he believes the Healer, Theresa has in her possession. In the wrong hands the talisman could be a very dangerous weapon.

The visitor is accompanied by the eastern dragon, Thrax, an old acquaintance of Farloft the Dragon. Once a friend, now an enemy, this new dragon and his companion bring nothing but trouble to the Kingdom of the Last Dragons.

Praise for Snyder

“I highly recommend the entire series, The Farloft Chronicles. I love magic, dragons, kingdoms and adventures. These books have it all. Theresa Snyder has an entertaining and easy writing style that you comfortably breeze through with just enough ‘big’ and unique words that will pique a young readers curiosity and enthusiasm while keeping an older reader engaged.”

“Another heartwarming, deeply emotional tale from master story-spinner Theresa. As usual, she manages to throw in a twist that will drop your jaw and just maybe make you cheer out loud!”

“This is a must read!¬†Once you have picked up one Farloft book, you have to read them all. Recommend them for avid elementary school readers and well, any dragon lover.”