Three Men On Tour

By Richard Mapes

When his girlfriend proposes, Ian knows he has only one option: to go on holiday. In this comic novella, Ian and his friends, Harry and George, travel around the English countryside resolutely avoiding growing up while Ian tries to resolve a dilemma – how can he not marry his girlfriend and how can he do so without losing her?

Richard Mapes’ novel takes the whimsy of P.G.Wodehouse and marries it with the contemporary satire of Nick Hornby. A must for all fans of accidental engagements, misplaced manners, whiskey, lad-lit, and sat-navs.

Praise for Three Men on Tour:

“This was a fun read – great characters, blokes being blokes, some British oddities, a little bit of romance and some laugh out loud moments. Definitely worth a go.”

“A great read. I couldn’t put this down. Funny, tragic with a bit of love for good measure. Laugh out loud moments and a cracking storyline.”

“Great bumbling comedy with well drawn out characters, love, laughter and some fun history thrown in for good measure. It had me sniggering on the train and the backdrop is one we can all relate to in some way. If you don’t know people like these characters, chances are you are one of them. Awesome read. Just want more.”