Three & a Half Dragons
The Farloft Chronicles: Book Five

By Theresa Snyder

Find out what happens when James does not have Farloft’s full attention.

Three & a Half Dragons is book #5 of the continuing saga of Farloft the Dragon and his friends following Too Many Dragons (Book #4).

Farloft the Dragon is grumpy.

His mate, Clearair’s stomach aches.

James has been forced to find a new home.

And, there is a baby on the way that will throw the entire Kingdom into chaos.

Praise for The Farloft Chronicles: Book Five

“This continued adventure of Farloft only endears the dragon to me. While it is a read clearly for a younger crowd, there is an adult edge to Farloft to appeal to the older dragon lover. This series is a must read and is a favorite of my granddaughter. I can’t wait for all the hard copies to come out as this will be her Christmas present – The full set.”

“I know I say this every time, but this really is the best of the series! The characters gain new dimensions, and the story itself is just plain fun. A great read for middle-school kids and adults.”