The Thousand Years War

by Angel Ramon

The Thousand Years War is about four people in Brooklyn N.Y. who know little about each other and have completely different backgrounds.

What seems like a normal winter day for these four regular joes will turn into a full-fledged adventure! Consequently, their adventure will determine the fate of the Earth with one twist.

That twist is that there is a virtual world that looks, smells and feels like Earth. Whatever happens in this virtual world happens on Earth.

A great evil has decided to use this world for its purpose to take over Earth for himself. These four regular joes will turn into Earth’s only hope as they try to prevent an alien race called the

These four regular joes will turn into Earth’s only hope as they try to prevent an alien race called the gloobas from taking over the world using virtual reality as a weapon.

Get ready for an action packed adventure where the enemies are not human! Watch our heroes explore a virtual world that will break the rules of nature and science. Little do our heroes know they will fight in a war that was once fought over one thousand years ago. The time has come again for the war to commence between good and evil.

These four distinctive people (Angel, Maria, Dayvon and Luis) will have to put aside their differences as they will travel to places including New York, Hollywood, the Arctic Core and even outer space. To raise the stakes even higher our heroes will only have 10 days to reverse the effects of the virtual world to Earth otherwise the world may not survive or be under alien rule.

Is this what World War 3 has in store for the people on Earth? Is Earth due for another dark age similar to the fall of the Roman Empire?

If our heroes fail, Earth will fall and nobody will know why or how.

Prepare for an adventure where anything can happen will happen!

Praise for The Thousand Years War

“This truly is an entertaining read! Angel Ramon seems to have a vivid & wild imagination!”

“For a first novel, this is a fantastic effort, therefore well worth the read.”

“I enjoyed the character development throughout! There are also some great historical facts included as well.”

“This was a very solid story full of twists and turns that made the story that much more interesting”

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