The Seer

by JD Stanley

Mysterious and powerful rumoured immortal, the Druid, Bronan, commands reverence. And fear.

In his adopted home, Edenshire, a ruthless Barry the Red sits on a stolen throne. And uses the people for blood sport.

The last line of defence between the Land and the throne, Bronan defends them all. Alone. But it does not go well.

Crushed by the people’s sorrow and pain, only a man despite all his powers of prediction, he flounders in indecision. For his visions hold only the flames of destruction. As Warden to the orphaned Princess Brigit, he will not put her in peril. Then again, their princess is no delicate flower. Something Bronan finds very… attractive.

For reasons he cannot explain,  Barry wants the seer dead. Brigit must survive as their next best hope. The Goddess is waiting. Despite his failings, a magical trust from the time of Brigit’s father must be revealed or no amount of sorcerous fury, righteous revenge or secrets within Bronan’s sacred oak grove will save them.

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