The Heir to Alexandria

By Susan Leigh Noble

Believed the descendants of the Gods themselves,
The Alexandria line ensured peace,
Until they were brutally murdered.
But rumor spread a maid escaped with the youngest daughter.

Now as the world rushes toward a period of unrest, the nations’ Kings continue their 200-year-long-search for the Heir to Alexandria – the one person who can bring peace and stability through divine power.

Alista has her own search – for the parents who abandoned her as a baby years ago. When her only lead proves to be a dead end, she heads to the capital with a reluctant escort. Grayson is just following his aunt’s order, but he would rather be on one of his solitary scouting missions for the Landra Guard. However, when Alista unintentionally curses a guard in front of the King’s court, everything changes for both of them.

Now forced to travel to Covington for testing, danger lurks at every turn as a secret society strives to prevent the return of the Alexandria line. Are Alista’s visions of the future enough to save herself and those traveling with her?

Praise for The Heir to Alexandria:

“Really good, can’t wait for the second in the series”

“Loved the Heroes, the storyline, the Dragons and the Heir!”

“I really loved this book, didn’t want to put it down.”

“Couldn’t put this book down. I thought it was well written. The characters and their story very enjoyable to read about. Thank you and I hope to see a part 2.”