The Fly Strip

by Gwen Banta

Weed Clapper, a witty, resilient seventeen-year-old, journeys to Indiana amid the growing racial unrest of 1960. When his black friend is terrorized by the KKK, Weed begins to uncover the dark secrets of this small Midwestern town. He turns to his beautiful young teacher for support, and tumbles into a most forbidden love affair. Laugh-out-loud funny, and yet achingly poignant, the story of Weed’s journey to defy convention and to defend his sense of justice will cause you to stand up and cheer for this charming, hilarious – and unlikely – hero.

Praise for The Fly Strip

“Gwen Banta is J.D. Salinger reincarnated. Her language is so rich, so palatable and enveloping that readers feel bathed in it and rejuvenated by it. What a read! What a pleasure!” –Dmitry M. Arbuck, author – Mastermind

“Gwen Banta has a resonant voice, one that pulls you into highways and bus terminals. For anyone who ever wanted to disappear, or feels like they already have….” –Gerard Way, My Chemical Romance; author – The Umbrella Academy – Eisner Award Winner

“The Fly Strip has nice, patient rhythms. The story unfolds in a quiet, unhurried way, leaving room for lots of texture and ambience.” –Steven Bochco, Producer – NYPD Blue, LA Law; Author – Death by Hollywood

“The Fly Strip is wonderfully written novel. Gwen Banta provides the reader with a startling authentic voice in her 17-year-old main character, Weed Clapper, who is relatable, funny…and tragic. This is an epic adventure– one that I imagine will not only be a best selling novel, but also a beautiful film. Kudos to Gwen for giving us such a great literary work!” -Jeff Lester, Director/CEO, Big Picture Studios

“…It’s evident that something special is being finely tuned in The Fly Strip. Think Catcher in the Rye, but with a greater focus on social events. As readers pursue The Fly Strip, one thing becomes evident: this is an extraordinary coming-of-age story.” –D Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book review

“5 Stars! Gwen Banta’s The Fly Strip is an uproariously funny historical novel that will have you in stitches…Gwen Banta is a genius.” –Kerliza Foon for Readers’ Favorite

“Through Weed, Banta displays her gift for fresh, evocative language…. A spirited tale about finding a new place in the world.” KIRKUS

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