The Druid Knight Tales: A Short Story

by Ruth A. Casie

After a year of searching, Maximilian, the druid Grand Master, finds the sacred mistletoe destined for his soul mate shriveled and dead. He must journey to the Otherworld and tell the Ancestors of his failure.

Ellyn of Brodgar is an exceptional healer but each healing kiss depletes her energy and brings her closer to death. Ellyn needs to find her own healing power before it’s too late.

Max and Ellyn are tossed into the Otherworld and have until the third sunset to appeal to the Ancestors or be lost forever.

Together they find love, and as the last rays of the third sunset slip away, both are willing to sacrifice their hopes, dreams, and lives for the other. Do they have what it takes to escape the Otherworld and begin their life together?

Praise for Casie

“This book had me totally captivated and I love true history mixed in my historical medieval fiction stories!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. Great reading for a short story!”

“Ruth A. Casie does an amazing job writing captivating fantasy and this short is such a treat for fantasy fans!”