The Cain Letters

by Pierre Roustan

Witness Alexandra Glade — deadly and wicked hunter for an ancient religious sect of legionaries dedicated to eradicating evil from the Earth — as she takes on a mission unlike any mission.

Executing a revenant back to Hell is one thing. But finding the father of the damned? The dark soul who started it all? The demon’s door master, opening the very gate leading humanity into a new eternal prison? The world’s first vampire who heralded the age?

Of course, this isn’t your typical hack-n-slash, paranormal parade where the vamps are vile or pale like sheets. They’ll lay waste like beasts. Denizens. It’s an unrelenting war. A hellish Armageddon, and Alexandra’s right in the middle of it. Why?

Because of a book. An impending book of letters. The book revealing the exact secret on how to stop it all.

Thrilled by “The Da Vinci Code,” “Angels and Demons,” and “The Lost Symbol”? Fantasize much about “The Matrix” meets vampirism in all its dark legacy? Crave something more than Cullens and vampire diaries? Want to bite your nails with your own fangs as you turn right now?

Start reading. The darkness awaits.

Praise for The Cain Letters

“Okay, so no sparkly vampires here. We’re talking gritty, wicked, virile. Bloody. Terrifying. This story threw me for a ride and made all the hairs on my arm stand on end in the process. I’m ready for the next one, Mr.Roustan.”

“Before I knew it I was on pg 42 and had completely lost track of time.”