Strange Luck

by Amie Irene Winters

A mysterious letter. An idyllic world. And a peculiar collection of antiques. It all waits to be discovered in Strange Luck, an imaginative novel that mixes fantasy and philosophy for a thrilling reading experience. Hopeful that her father can be saved from a chronic condition, seventeen-year-old Daisy sets out to find a cure, but accidentally lands in a wicked world called The Nameless. As Daisy explores the moaning caverns and encounters inhabitants who refuse to go above ground, it becomes clear that the world’s inhabitants are more than just strange. They may be keeping a dark secret. They may have been lured and trapped here for a reason. And somehow—impossible as it may seem—they may still have a chance to regain what has been taken from them.

A daring mystery complimented with vivid imagery, Strange Luck will delight adults, teens, and anyone who can’t resist a dark adventure.

Praise for Strange Luck:

“Strange Luck is an amazing novel! It reminded me of how powerful the mind is, and how we can control our thoughts to the point of affecting the quality of our lives. It also brought out the importance and preciousness of our memories, something to cherish and hold on to as we get older.”

“Strange Luck is a fabulous, fantastical mix of magic and imagination, exploration and uncertainty. There are lots of great YA elements – first love, first time traveling, self-discovery – but what I loved the most was the seriously enjoyable visitation to childhood wonderment. “

“Captivating read! This is the kind of story that will draw readers in quickly. Absolutely love the characters and their intriguing personalities that they possess.”

“This has everything you would want in a fantasy book and more. Strange Luck is both whimsical and thrilling behind its creative and descriptive imagery. I read this book with my 12 year old son, and even he thought it was one of the most creative and original books yet. This kid reads a lot. I give Strange Luck 5 amazing stars. I can’t wait to read more from this author.”

“If you like to imagine how it would be to live for a few hours in a world that is full of magic, fantasy, surprising creatures, whimsical natural environments, love in the air and mystery that seems impossible to be solved, then Strange Luck is the right book for you! It is not only very entertaining, but it gives your mind a break from this ordinary life to enter in a complete parallel world where you are a witness of two very enthusiastic and energetic friends that will invite you to live the most fantastic and adventurous journey.”