Slow Burn: Zero Day

by Bobby Adair

Survive the infection! Survive the Infected!

A new flu strain has been spreading across Africa, Europe, and Asia. Disturbing news footage is flooding the cable news channels. People are worried and frightened.

But Zed Zane is oblivious. He needs to borrow rent money from his parents. He gets up Sunday morning, drinks enough tequila to stifle his pride and heads to his mom’s house for a lunch of begging, again.

But something is wrong. There’s blood in the foyer. His mother’s corpse is on the living room floor. Zed’s stepdad, Dan is wild with crazy-eyed violence and attacks Zed when he comes into the house. They struggle into the kitchen. Dan’s yellow teeth tear at Zed’s arm but he grabs a knife and stabs Dan, thirty-seven times, or so the police later say.

With infection burning in his blood, Zed is arrested for murder but the world is falling apart and he soon finds himself back on the street, fighting for his life among the infected who would kill him and the normal people, who fear him.

Praise for Slow Burn: Zero Day

“In a world full of zombie books, I was pleasantly surprised to find this one to be different! I’m all interested in what’s about to happen when suddenly… AHHHH! Really looking forward to the next installment!”

“OMG!!! THIS IS A BRILLIANT SERIES!!! I hate writers that put several exclamation marks after sentences but I just had to with this series. This series is a great read and I cannot recommend it highly enough”

“The author has researched his subject thoroughly and the facts are authentic and true. The characters are believable and we get to know them as the book progresses. The story line is chilling and probable enough to make uncomfortable reading at times. Very competent author who I would definitely read again. One of the best books I have read! Thank you!”