Shifting Places (The Twin Cities Series Book 3)

By Theresa Snyder

Mr. Grimm wants his daughter back. Raven kidnapped Angelica over eighteen years ago. The vampire ruler holds her as a hostage, blackmailing Grimm to do his bidding with the threat of ‘turning’ her.

Mr. Grimm has witnessed an event. He believes with the help of Azur, the fire demon and Cody, the shapeshifter, he might finally rescue his daughter. The team of three must travel through the many portals of The Realms; through the land of the Yeti, across the sands of the Pharaohs and into the stronghold of the Minotaur.

But, will the rescue of Angelica mean the death of one of Cody’s pack? Simone has been left alone, unprotected.

Praise for Shifting Places

“Ms. Snyder is not just an author, she is a first-rate story-teller.”

“Excellent. My grandson and I read this book at bedtime. He is hooked on the series and is picking up the reading habit. Thank you Ms. Snyder.”