Shifting in The Realms
The Twin Cities Series: Book One

By Theresa Snyder

The Realms refers to a parallel dimension hidden between Minneapolis and St. Paul where creatures, humans think of as only mythical, roam free.

Cody is a shape shift with some monumental problems that all started when he died. He’s escaped to The Realms from the midlands between Heaven and Hell only to find his best friend is potential food for the resident vampires, his girlfriend only loves him in his wolf form and her mother…well, that’s a whole other story.

It isn’t easy being Cody, but like a good wolf, he’ll do what he can to protect his pack even if it kills him. Wait…he’s already dead.

Praise for Shifting in The Realms

“This is an extremely enjoyable and well-written story. Like a gourmet meal or a fine wine, it leaves you wanting more and satisfied at the same time.”

“I’d recommend this book to paranormal, and possibly sci-fi readers who like a cute quick story.”

“If you are looking for something new or an easy read, you should definitely check this novella out.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this novella, which introduces the reader to The Realms, a shared-world project. It was a fast and fun read, with a main character I’d be interested to see more of in the future.”