Seri@l No Milk

by H. Eugene

On December 12, 2012 Serial killer Thaddeus Gainsborough turns himself in and confesses to the grisly murders of eight missing people. Consequently, he is convicted and ordered to death by lethal injection in the swiftest trial in Florida history. On the day of his execution, his final request will be granted … An interview with Bay 9 News Reporter Brooke Hannah. What ensues is a game of make-believe, unspeakable abuse, and psychological torture unlike anything she has ever experienced. Brooke is the key to something unmentionable! How do you like your Seri@L? Milk or … NO MILK

Praise for Seri@l No Milk

“Upon reading the book, I can’t help but feel the plight that Hanna undergoes in her career as her life takes a twist for the worst. Overall, it is a story with many twists that will keep you entertained throughout as you read it.”

“I’m a huge fan and avid reader of the thriller genre so I’m always more than happy when I come across an author like this who isn’t afraid to try something different and present readers with a story that is unique and packed full of originality essentially from start to finish (while still retaining all of the essential elements that make the genre so good in the first place). Author H. Eugene has proven to me that he is a very creative and talented writer so far and so I will be keeping an eye out for future releases.”

“With an ominous opening, the book sets the tone for all the darkness to come. From there, we meet incredibly life like and well formed characters who seem truly real.”

“GET THIS BOOK!! My goodness, H. Eugene does a fantastic job at drawing you in as a reader and taking you on a wild journey with reporter Brooke Hannah.”