Saving the Last Dragon

by Joe Broadmeadow

Duncan Emeris loves to write. His imagination creates a world of Dragons, Wizards, and Magic. His writing helps him cope with the reality of his world.

When one of his stories draws the interest of Merrill Templar, his English teacher, Duncan discovers that the world of his imagination has become a reality.

Saving the Last Dragon becomes Duncan’s quest. He finds himself facing dangerous mythical creatures bent on stealing the dragon’s egg to wield its power. Accompanied by a real dragon named Balinor and assisted by his two friends, Kathy Craigendoran and Jameison Howarth, Duncan must find the egg and save the lives of his friends.

The Quest to save the last dragon leads Duncan on a wild ride through a world of magic and deception, testing his resolve, as he becomes the Dragon Seeker.

Praise for Saving the Last Dragon:

“Great easy read, characters are well described and paints a perfect picture in you mind recommend to any one who likes fantasy.”

“It was an easy read with a smoothly constructed story line. The writing was clear and the author really did a great job at developing the characters and describing the settings. The book really allows you to use your imagination which truely makes it a fun read. I would recommend this book to anyone, from teens all the way up. The book really feels like it was written for everyone to enjoy. Can’t wait for the next one!”

“A great book for both young and old. A beautifully written as well as an imaginative and easy read tale of a fantastic and magical journey. Joe Broadmeadow proves once again that he is a talented author.”