Save the Last Bullet for God

by JT Allblood

What if God was killed amidst the chaos of World War II?

What if what you thought that you knew as history is just an illusion?

Throughout history, we have seen war, the spread of civilization and the discovery of many wonders. But what if in all that time, Homo sapiens were merely evolving into something new?

What if, on the inside, we are all alien?

Vienna, 1920. Wilhelm Reich is a medical student, working as a night nurse at a mental hospital when he meets Maria Orsic, a beautiful young woman who happens to be suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. Wilhelm is captivated and finds himself falling in love. Then, one night, he helps her to escape, only to lose her the next morning.
Years later, he is a respected psychiatrist working in Berlin when he meets Maria for the second time. And he finds that she needs his help again — with a message she’s received from the aliens.

Each end has a story. This tale is a complex one and includes mystics, Nazis, occult societies, the thousands-year-long invasion of aliens into the human genome, retro-chronal causality, secret codes within DNA, the number Pi, the Holy book and so much more.

“Save the Last Bullet for God” is a trilogy set of “Alpha Tauri Strain”, “Code of Disjointed Letters” and “Homo Avatarius”.

Praise to JT Allblood

“I recommend to anyone who wants to read a book that they can submerse themselves in.”

“JT Alblood has intricately woven some of the most popular modern sci-fi and fantasy plots in a mentally engrossing and original work of fiction. As a result, I would highly recommend this to conspiracy fans!”

“Save the Last Bullet for God is an exceptionally good read. The author has a really great way of writing that is easy to follow and kept this book engaging and entertaining throughout”

“I look forward to reading more from this author, my read of this book could only have been better if I could have read it non stop for a few days, rather than with that annoying interruption called “work”.”