by Andrew Boylan

Psychological horror with a twist that will blow your mind…

For fans of Dan Simmons, Nick Cutter, and Stephen King comes a new breed of horror.

Blurring fact and fiction, Sacrifice drags readers into a waking nightmare. The evils of the past collide with the secrets of the present.
First of all, struggling filmmaker Benny Hernandez stumbles upon a brutalized body in the mountains. While he photographs the victim, he notices something hauntingly familiar about the wounds.

Growing up in New Mexico, Benny heard stories of a cult that rose from the ashes of the Pueblo Revolt in 1680.

However, as more tortured bodies appear, Benny discovers a pattern that might mean this centuries-old cult has risen again.

This could be the story of a lifetime…if Benny lives to tell it.

Praise for Sacrifice

“Author Andrew Boylan does not disappoint with his first novel Sacrifice. It’s got everything I would want in a thriller, a town with a dark past, death lurking in every shadow, a quick rapport between the characters and adventure with a lead character you can relate to.” – Lex via Amazon

“Andrew Boylan spins a unique tale of ancient rituals tied to the Spanish missionaries to the Pueblo Indians, mixed with the drugs and crime in today’s New Mexico. As a result, Sacrifice is a riveting thriller with an uncommonly imaginative plot. I’m looking forward to the next innovative novel by Andrew Boylan.” – Richard Baker via Amazon

“His novel writing is also impressive, confident, and often reminded me of Stephen King. While Benny’s discoveries are disturbing, you can’t put the book down — the tension keeps you turning the page. Based on this debut novel, Boylan has a bright future in thrillers. I look forward to reading next novel.” – Bryan W. Stumpf via Amazon

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