Running Guide for Beginners

By Chris Douglas

How to Start Running for Weight Loss and Increase Endurance (Healthy Living, Stress Reliever, Running Gear, Prevent Injuries)

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to improve your running in an effective but safe manner.

For most people, running does not seem to be an effective way to lose weight. Although going to the gym and lifting heavy dumbbells can really help in toning your muscles, it doesn’t mean that jogging a few laps around the park is useless.

In fact, running will not just strengthen your leg muscles; it will also improve your bone density, relieve stress, and even fortify your immune system. Can you believe that a simple physical exercise can do so much? If not, check out these other compelling reasons why should start running today!

This book is specially made for beginners who want to try this physical activity to lose weight. However, seasoned marathoners are also welcome to read the pages of the Running Guide for Beginners if they want to further polish their techniques.

Some of the topics that will be covered in this digital reading material are:

  • Benefits of Running
  • Preventing Common Mistakes
  • Choosing Your Gear
  • Basic Techniques
  • How to Build your Endurance
  • How to Prevent Injuries
  • And a whole lot more…

Praise for Douglas

“I’m actually surprised about how great this book on helping me appreciate running. I won’t hesitate to recommend this incredible book to those who want to appreciate and understand running. This is a great way for beginners who want to gain a deeper knowledge of this physical activity.”

“The book is exactly what I expected. This book has taught me the right way to run, and what shoes to wear. This is great for me as I am just starting out.”

“This book has now improved my motivation for running by not only explaining the physical benefits of but also the benefits on psychological well-being.”

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