Robots From Neptune

by J. David Thayer

They want our garbage. They can’t have it.

Deep within the icy cloud layers of Neptune live the X-tonians: a mighty race of silicone-based lifeforms who regularly breathe a toxic mixture of methane and carbon dioxide. However, their world is dying. The factories of their highly industrialized society continually belch great plumes of clean air into the atmosphere bringing the X-Tonian race to the brink of extinction.

In desperation, His Majesty King XYY9Z3 dispatches his horde of Receptacle Robots to Earth. Their mission: to liberate and harvest all of our garbage, toxic waste, and pollution, leaving a wake of clean destruction behind. And you might think we’d be okay with all that. But he did so without asking.

You don’t do that.

Under one banner, Humanity (led by Field Marshal Henry Hardcastle) rallies its collective military to defend Earth’s pollution and repel the robot menace once and for all! We made it; it’s ours; you can’t just come here and take it! As the two planets prepare for war, an unlikely romance blossoms between high school science teacher Roy Hermus (who accidentally invited the invasion) and King YY’s beloved daughter, the beautiful and bulbous Princess QQ10LZ. They make for a pretty disgusting couple, but maybe love is still the answer after all.

Barf. Help us, Roy and QQ! You’re our only hope!

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