Ordinary Wins

By Margarita Felices

Have you ever worried that life has passed you by? However, they do say that life begins at forty.

When Nicci Lace woke up one day and wondered where her life had gone, she never counted on what would happen to her next?

What if you had the chance to jet off with someone famous that picked you over all those beautiful models?

Ordinary you!

It seems life really does begin at forty after all.

Book Reviews for Ordinary Wins:

“I really liked this story, therefore I highly recommend it.”

“The message that Ordinary Wins conveys is very important. Women, you are beautiful inside out, no matter what the media tries to tell you.”

“Right from the excerpt Felices had my full attention.”

“This book was wonderful!”

“Different to the usual boy meets girl and is intended for the 40+ mature woman who thinks life is passing her by. Life does and can begin at 40”

“Overall this was a fun, sweet heartfelt read.”

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