Love Made From Scratch: A Coming Home Novel

by Tori Bailey

“Tell me your dreams. The ones that keep you awake at night. What is the one dream that burns deep within you? The one that frightens you, excites you, and dares you to believe in it?”

It seems like Thomas Song had all his dreams. A wife, son, and most of all, successful career. Until tragedy strikes and makes him re-evaluate the dreams that had once defined him.

Jess Durrington dreamed of having a “normal “ life. Since the day a childhood accident robbed her of her hearing, she’d been told she could never have the things she dreamed. Then Tyler Wasley entered her life and she began to believe in her dreams. News of his being killed in action shredded those dreams and threaten to rob her of a chance to be a mother to their son.

Kass Durrington, Jess’ sister, did not dare to allow herself to dream because dreams were for those that had confidence, courage and believed in themselves. Traits she did not have if she believed the voices of those that constantly reminded her of how she’d be nothing more than a small town girl filled with lofty ideas. As a result, she accepted her life would always be simple and not take her beyond the beautiful square of Dahlonega, Georgia. Contentment was found behind the lens of her camera. One lie will shake the foundation of Kass’ simple life and push her from the cosy North Georgia Mountain town; sending her on a journey of self-discovery.

Three lives will form friendships, discover love, and find the courage to follow the dreams that dare them to believe. Love Made from Scratch is the final instalment of the Coming Home Series.

Praise for Tori Bailey

“So I’ve been following this trilogy from the beginning when I picked up the first book (A Second Chance at Goodbye) at an author meet and greet. The second one, Ethel’s Song: A Coming Home Novel, was next and I loved both of them. I’ve been impatiently waiting and I’m glad I didn’t give up. This is a wonderful end to the trilogy. Can’t wait for the next series.”
– Collie Mom via Amazon

“A great read full of southern charm and exciting plot twist! You get to know the characters well and become invested in their futures. A unique look into several different types of families. A fitting end to the series.” – Amanda Werth via GoodReads

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