Letting Go Of Friends
How To Recognize & Deal With Toxic Female Relationships

By Deborah Barton

Too many unhealthy female friendships wreak havoc in the lives of women. Take control of your relationships. Life is too short to tolerate bad behavior in any form – especially from a friend!

This book will help you learn:

  • Recognize the difference between a healthy and unhealthy friendship
  • What kind of toxic friend are you up against?
  • Is she really your friend?
  • How to salvage the friendship (if you want to)
  • What other women are saying about their friendships (you’re not alone!)
  • When all else fails, learning how to let go

I surveyed over three hundred women who offered their views on friendship, and the relationships that became too toxic to endure. Their candid responses have been included in this book. Real women. Real experiences.

Sometimes a friendship can be salvaged.

You may need to let them go.

If you need to re-evaluate your friendships, then this book is for you! Packed full of information you can start using TODAY!

Praise for Barton

“This is a great topic because I advocate this in my own life in many facets – and I’m far, far happier for it. You’ll never know how much something drags down your mood until you ditch it. I recommend this book.”

“This is a book that many women will be able to identify with.”

“A well-researched book on female friendship issues.”

“This was a fantastic exploration of how to handle toxic people in your life, something people, especially women, have a difficult time justifying.”

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