Kingdom of the Last Dragons
The Farloft Chronicles Book Two

by Theresa Snyder

Will the Zonguldak Ruby place the Kingdom under its Spell?

Kingdom of the Last Dragons is book #2 of the exciting saga of Farloft the Dragon and his friends, which started with James & the Dragon (Book #1).

The Healer, Theresa, has returned to the Kingdom after a ten year journey to the Far East. She brings with her new knowledge of healing and spells unlike anything the Kingdom has seen in the past.

James is learning how to fly, which isn’t easy even with newly sprouted dragon wings. Farloft is trying his best to teach James what he needs to know to survive in his new role as a young dragon.

But everything will not be all star-fire and smooth dragon flight.

Laval, the Wizard, still has the Zonguldak Ruby and it is out to seduce the wizard and throw the whole kingdom under its spell.

Praise for Snyder

“I had to read this book as soon as I finished the first book in the series [James and & The Dragon by Theresa Snyder]. This one was surprisingly different and built on the the previous characters perfectly.”

“This was a fun installment in this jaded and interesting dragon series. On the surface, these books look like children’s books. But once you start digging in to them, you see that the characters have real, human issues. Or dragon issues.”

“What I enjoyed most about this book was the narrator, a healer named Theresa. I’m sick of YA novels where the narrator is young, impulsive, & clueless, so it was a big relief (and lots of fun) to have an older narrator with some wisdom & maturity.”