Harlem in the Twentieth Century

by Noreen Mallory

Harlem is one of the best-known neighbourhoods in the U.S. It's also one of the nation's most vibrant cultural hubs.

Though its reputation has been tarnished at times by economic depressions and crime, its loyal community has created a unique history and culture.

Much of this history took place during the twentieth century, which included an influx African American residents, an unparalleled artistic, literary and musical movement known as the Harlem Renaissance, deteriorating economic conditions, and finally a thrilling resurgence.

This new book presents the grand story of Harlem's twentieth-century history as never before.

Praise for Mallory

"Far from indulging in nostalgia, Ms Mallory celebrates an era which permanently changed a peoples' place both in America and in the world. The residents of Harlem might be in the process of losing their homeland, but the achievement of these people as it is reported in this book goes a long way towards preserving their history and keeping it real" - Eric Schachter Via Amazon

"As your foot taps to the beat of 'Take the A train', and your heart embraces one more `dream deferred', let your mind explore the soul of Harlem. History melds into magic... Harlem beckons... Yeah! Settle in for a good read and a memorable journey"
- Stephanie Via Amazon

"Noreen Mallory has written an impressive book. She has captured the essence and attitude of the people and the environment that has made Harlem the place that it is today. Job well done. A definite great read" - Linda Via Amazon

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