Get Out Of My Dreams

by Allan J. Lewis

Alice and John Timberlake lead a quiet life in the suburbs of California. John is a prison officer at the California State Prison, and Alice assists the Agony Aunt columnist, with big dreams of becoming a reporter.

One morning they awaken to their lives turned upside down—John is on the couch with no recollection of how he got there, the front door lock is unbolted, and the alarm is disarmed. Alice’s underwear is neatly folded on top of her slippers––she knows she went to bed wearing them. Fearing they may have been victimized in their own home, they contact the authorities.

John and Alice discover they have been the latest victims of “The Magic Man,” a rogue hypnotist that gets into people’s dreams, makes them do his bidding, and has them reveal their darkest secrets. The FBI considers him a threat to the country. Some departments within the Halls of Justice want him eliminated; others think his talents could help solve crimes. They ask John and Alice’s help to bring the Magic Man to heel. None of them realize that their intended target is manipulating them. Everyone has secrets, and the Magic Man knows them all.

When a steamy fantasy shared between Alice and the Magic Man unveils a unique connection between them, it changes the rules of his game. All Alice and John had ever wanted was for the Magic Man to get out of their dreams––but now, they can never go back to the life they had before…

Get Out of My Dreams is the captivating first novel of Allan J. Lewis.

Praise for Lewis

“I thought the premise behind this book was quite imaginative: someone could enter your dreams and take control over your life. The story is plausible and entertaining enough to keep you enthralled and engaged to the very end.”

“The story featured well-developed characters, plenty of action and interactions, and a provocative situation. I think all Readers could identify with the couple, and would like to have the powers of Joe. The Author wrote an interesting and entertaining book, and has a definite future in the world of Authorship.”

“This book will keep your interest all the way through. Good character development. Good plot development. Smooth writing. I could see this book easily made into a TV series.”