by J. Riley Castine

Alien Abduction? Check! A Promise of Enlightenment? Check! Corny jokes? Check!…and face palm!

In this science fiction novel, Gwen, Tom and Karen are ordinary people who, in a flash, are taken out of their normal lives. As a result, they are thrust into a new reality where Humans are not alone in the universe. Guided by a “floating ball of blue light”, they try to cope with their new reality while they embark on a fantastic journey of discovery and danger.

Praise for Fragmented

“Fragmented is an interesting concept that shows the readers a different view on alien abduction.”

“Generally, the story kept my attention and was a fun read.”

“Overall, I found this to be an entertaining Sci-Fi yarn. It had some very intriguing ideas on advanced species, alien/earth tie-ins as well as psionic powers.”