Forex Trading – A Beginners Guide: An Illustrated Introduction To Currency Trading

By Jon Mcfarlane

Shows you what others try to tell you!

Have you done the online courses, got lost in the labyrinth of information on those websites and in those books and videos you have trawled through? Forgotten which website you read about Bollinger bands on? Forgotten what Correlation is or which book you read it in, or was it a video you watched? Need a reminder on the Carry trade or Pin bar trading strategy?

This book is aimed primarily at educating and providing a reference point for those who are new to the subject of Currency trading. The intention is to show you, through illustration, what others try and tell you.

No more searching or remembering again, this book covers all the basics so now you have ONE single reference point for ALL your Forex trading.

What You Will Learn:

The Absolute Basics Of Forex Trading – A necessary foundation for all those new to the world of trading.

Subjects covered; Long And Short, Basic Order Types, The Quote Screen

Forex Terminology – Vital terms and important information relating to Forex.

Subjects covered; Currency Nicknames, The Dollar Index, The Best Currency Pairs To Trade, Forex Market Hours, Types Of Trader, Fundamentals

An Introduction To Technical Analysis – The high-level basics necessary for anyone wishing to consider implementing a Trading strategy.

Subjects covered; The Candlestick, Basic Candlestick Patterns, Basic Chart Patterns, The Moving Average, The Different Types Of Moving Average, Other Basic Indicators

Trading Strategy Ideas – A view on many of the most common Forex strategies presented in such a way that they can be used as a foundation for further exploring those which may be of particular interest.

Subjects covered; Trend Trading. Mean Reversion. Trading With Pivot Points. Divergence. The Moving Average Crossover. The Engulfing Candle. A Better Pin Bar Strategy. The Carry Trade. Trading Forex News Releases.

The Real World – Down to earth perspectives to ensure that, should you progress down the Forex trading path, you have an open mind on some of the related pitfalls and myths.

Subjects covered; Currency Correlation, Forex Trading And Martingale, Realistic Monthly Returns, Forex Scam Warning Signals

Praise for McFarlane

“If you want to amp up your game, get this book. It will help you retrain your brain so you THINK more visual when you trade. Well worth the investment. And take the time to develop the trader’s mindset.”

“This books, the website and the YouTube video associated with this book are a great introduction to trading Forex.”

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