Firsthand Witness to the Fall

by Shawn Clay

In this short story, a group of scientists bear witness to the end of human civilization, powerless to do anything to stop it.

Praise for Clay

” Size definitely doesn’t matter here in this epic tale that could easily be written into a full length novel. “Firsthand Witness to the Fall” is the story of a world-wide experiment of multiple closed habitats for scientific research. Just after the doors are sealed for this 18-month experiment, the world itself goes to hell after simultaneous terrorist attacks release a deadly gas on multiple major cities. What happens next is chilling as these scientists are forced to witness from inside their bubbles. Very well-written and engaging from start to finish.”

“The really short story format in no way hindered the telling of the tale. Indeed, its brevity left the reader wanting more. A complete tale in and of itself; however, many opportunities exist for possible expansion and focus, to flesh out the details or create compelling side stories. I enjoyed this tale and look forward to see more like this from the author as well as in this hard-hitting format in general.”

“It wasn’t packed full of dull details, but instead allows your imagination to go to work. As I was reading I could visualize this as a great foundation for a movie plot. I give this one five stars because it planted a seed in my mind that has grown for days now. It will definitely do the same for you and allow you develop the fine details as your imagination sees fit.”