by Gordon A. Wilson

Douglass stumbles through life, tormented and battling his inner demons. He sees and feels things he knew he shouldn’t and even knows the unknowable. As a result, he always believes he wrestles with something inside of him others do not. Circumstances inevitably bring him to a mysterious old man and a dog. They may just hold the secret of his destiny, a link to the past and a dangerous path to redemption.

Firetok is a gritty, honest and dark (at times) glimpse into powers gifted to all humans. However, only a few have discovered and controlled them. Learn what awaits us all and travel on a spiritual awakening to discover the power, the challenges and the eventual price to be paid.

Praise for Firetok

“I wasn’t sure what to expect, but enjoyed it right away, so much so I was almost late for work. While I didn’t finish the book that first day, “Firetok” is a quick read. It’s also full of fleshed out characters I cared about immediately.”

“The book was able to take me on a short journey which was a well needed escape.”

“A riveting story that I would recommend to anyone wanting a thriller that keeps your interest. It pushes the boundaries of the gruesome and, as a result, encourages readers to think about the deeper meaning behind life’s (realistic) horrors.”