Dragon Deception
The Farloft Chronicles: Book 3

by Theresa Snyder

Find out what happens when Farloft meets the Dragon Slayer.

Dragon Deception is book #3 of the continuing saga of Farloft the Dragon and his friends.

In a misguided attempt to thwart a takeover of the Kingdom by the King of Baldar, Farloft and James are accused of treason. They are forced to flee their home.

The two dragons, and Adrian, are pursued by three malevolent dragon hunters, but are the hunters all they seem, or is there magic involved?

Praise for Dragon Deception

“This one has a slightly deeper plot, but it’s still very approachable and highly recommended. The pace, as usual, is great and the small chapters make things really easy to digest.”

“I totally enjoyed this book. It was more fleshed out than the first and definitely showed the growth and progression of the writer. I usually do not like first person narratives but did not find this particular writer’s use to interrupt the flow or mindscape.”