Crosses and Runes (Summersgate Chronicles Book 1)

By Brian Triplett

You don’t need a wooden stake to kill a vampire. Two bullets to the head work just as well.

Jonathan, a 155-year old sorcerer, and his crack team of commandos from another dimension use spells, swords, and submachine guns to stop creatures of the night who are plotting to take over our world. As Jonathan and his comrades fight their way through two planes of existence, they discover the vampires have allied with both their ancient enemies: the dark elves and the infamous Morgan le Fay.

Jonathan must determine what Morgan le Fay wants and why she is targeting his family. Racing against time, he and his friends invade her territory for an epic battle… one that may stop an interdimensional war before it begins. If they fail, this Earth will be plunged into a vampire-ridden darkness.

Draw your blades, flip your selector switch to full auto, and keep your pop culture reference guide handy!

“Crosses and Runes” is a dark action-comedy adventure. It should appeal to fans of Jim Butcher’s “The Dresden Files” and Roger Zelazny’s “Chronicles of Amber.”

Praise for Crosses and Runes:

“Crosses and Runes is a raucous, action-packed romp through places as familiar as the contemporary USA and as otherworldly as…well, other worlds (technically dimensions, but you get the idea).”

“Fun and Witty”