by Daniel Hague

Rough life, the sort with broken bones, hearts, & souls. You don’t always see the sunshine, maybe only the faces of those as ugly as yourself. It can be a long road that doesn’t ride straight. While you drive it, you might get lucky and have someone damaged & beautiful riding shotgun beside you. This is a story about two such people, that only have each other, an open road, and nothing to lose.

Praise for Broken

“Broken” is the outstanding first work from new author Daniel Hague. The point of view and use of language paints a vivid and brief picture of two broken people trying to stagger their way through life. Dan’s wordplay brings dark and gritty images to mind similar to what you would expect to see in a graphic novel. The book is dark. It can be intense.It is also a gorgeous story of the redemptive power of love. Well worth a read and certainly worth the price of admission. I would highly recommend it!” – Josh Cervone via Amazon

“The writing had me reading and flipping pages wanting to read until the end. Nice work!”  Jake Mazursky via Amazon

“I don’t usually read stuff like this but something about this really made me keep turning the pages. Love the characters and the raw emotion that was put into them by the writer. I give it a 10 out of 10 would read again and anything else this guy puts out” – Russell Erhart via Amazon

“Written so you see it, hear the voices, it would probably make a good short film. A short story that takes place in a specific time in the lives of the characters, painting a portrait of a life for each one. Love this sort of storytelling!” – Amazon Customer

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