A Woman’s Guide to a Glowing Complexion

by Jennifer Hamilton

Every woman thrives for picture-perfect skin and we get caught up in magazine articles and blog posts with the latest tips and tricks. You cannot stay young forever and your skin will eventually age, but that doesn’t mean you cannot hold onto a glowing complexion.

The principle aim of this guide is to help women of any age achieve their goal of looking fabulous, but you’ll probably find that most of the advice provided will improve your quality of life in many other ways. There is no reason why you shouldn’t take care of yourself and as Confucius once said “true quality of life comes from lasting harmony between the body and mind”.

Praise for Hamilton

“After reading Hamilton’s Scarred for Life I was looking forward to her next book. This was another great read and such a bargain. I learnt a lot of useful tips about the best face washing routines and what foods I should add to my diet, so thank you! Looking forward to the next book…”

“This book is amazing! It helped me and also my mother a lot! I recommend it to everyone!” 

“I found this book extremely useful! It has plenty of tips and tricks to keep your skin looking healthy and fabulous! Would totally recommend for anyone who wants to improve their complexion!”

“A great guide full of simple tips that I’ve already applied to my daily routine! Recommend for all the those who dream of achieving an airbrushed complexion!”