A Path of Ashes

by Brian Parker

Evil doesn’t become extinct, it evolves. Our world is a violent place. Murder, terrorism, racism and social inequality are some of the forces that attempt to destroy our society. Consequently, the State is forced to increase its response. Our own annihilation is barely held at bay by the belief that we’ve somehow evolved beyond our ancestors’ base desires.

From this cesspool of emotions emerges a madman. He is intent on leading the world into anarchy. When his group of computer hackers infiltrate the Department of Defense network, they initiate a nuclear war that will irrevocably alter our world.

Aeric Gaines and his roommate survive the devastation of the war. However, they then find that the quaint, politically correct world where they’d been raised was a lie. All humans have basic needs such as food, water and shelter…but we haven’t forgotten how to fight for what we desire.

A Path of Ashes is the first book in an exciting new series. To conclude, the series is about life in post-apocalyptic America, a nation devoid of leadership, electricity and human rights. The world as we know it may have burned, however, humanity found a way to survive. This is their story.

Praise for Parker

“The pain, suffering and torture is very descriptive. You can almost feel it happening. The author knows how to tell it and keeps you wanting more. Great book!!”

“All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this story! It is quite a bit different than others by Mr Parker, but certainly no less in entertaining content. I was immediately engaged by the characters and found the storyline to be richly unique.”

“With A Path of Ashes, Brian Parker has taken a major step toward becoming a leader in Post-Apocalyptic fiction.”

“This book was spellbinding. It was exciting, enjoyable and at the top of its genre. Therefore, I look forward to reading Book 2 of A Path of Ashes”