The Spoken Truth

by Mcgregory Frederique

The Spoken Truth is about the truth within relationships. It’s about different topics that most of us can relate to in our daily lives. We all want to know the answer to every question out there. What makes our partners continue to cheat? What makes men keep taking good women for granted? Why don’t relationships last anymore? Why are good women or men so rare to find? This book speaks for all the brokenhearted, good women who deserve better in this world.

Praise for The Spoken Truth

“This is a great book! It really speaks about issues couples face in today’s complicated world, where couples look for quick exit doors (divorce, cheating) instead of working in their relationships. Many people can relate to the author’s own experience and of his friends’. I know I did!”
– Liz C. via Amazon

“I absolutely loved this book!! It made me realize all the mistakes I made and what not to do a big eye opener but over all I fell in love with it..everyone should read not just women” – Jamie Williams via Amazon

“Awesome read. It really focuses on real issues also a guide to help with relationships I’m about to read it again!” – Amanda Jusino via Amazon

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