Dragon Memories, Dreams & Reflections
The Farloft Chronicles: Book Six

By Theresa Snyder

Dragon Memories, Dreams & Reflections is book #6 of The Farloft Chronicles.

This volume is Farloft’s recollections of his early life with the Healer, Theresa. A life filled with magic, adventure, intrigue, deception, and murder … All woven together by the love of a boy, a girl and a dragon.

Come sit with us and read Farloft’s tale of how he met and came to love a tiny, chestnut-haired child who grew to be the finest Healer in the land.

Praise for Dragon Memories, Dreams & Reflections:

“One of the things I enjoy most about this series is the way it handles gray characters, and this book is probably the best yet in that respect. It is hard for a lonely dragon to become an accepted part of a human society. But thankfully, there will always be a few big-hearted humans that are willing to look past the scales and see the wonder.”

” love all Ms. Snyder’s work. It is a refreshing read from the normal standard plot of the genre.”