In the wake of a recent invasion, Dora, a scared but strong human is searching for safety as the human population is systematically hunted down and tagged. On a deserted stretch of road her run comes to an end and she is captured and catapulted into a world of vicious bargains and survivalism. Follow her journey from freedom to servitude and addiction and back again as she learns what the alien invaders are after and why no one can stop biting their nails. Nailbiters will engulf you in the early post-apocalyptic world of alien occupation and make you question what it really does mean to be human.

Book Reviews for Nailbiters:

“This story developed so effortlessly and kept me hooked. I thought the ending was perfect and there was a lot of hidden messages and insight that the author portrayed making it even easier for me to relate to the characters. I’d recommend this to anyone!”

“Enjoyable read. You follow Dora’s journey as she navigates a world turned upside down. Really makes you question how you would handle being placed in such situations. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a couple twists and turns.”

“Nailbiters was an excellent read and I could not put it down! I enjoyed the story and loved the ending, what a twist!! I won’t give away any spoilers, but I will say that this is an awesome read!! In conclusion, I highly recommend this book- well done!”

“M.K. Williams hits home with a brilliantly designed novel that keeps you at the edge of your seat. Nailbiters lives up to the title, buy this novel to see what happens.”

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