Q. Hello Marian, thank you for your time in taking this interview. Can I start by asking what drove you to write A Predator’s Heart?
A. I had a burning desire to write this book.  In reality, it was harder than I anticipated.  Some of it flowed without any effort some of it I really had to be persistent with and grind out.

Q. How long did it take you to write this book?
A. It took me around 6 month’s full time to write the book and another 2 months of revisions and editing.  So I’m not the fastest writer out there my any imagination.

Q. What do you use to write your books?
A. I’m an old-fashioned writer and use pencil and paper to get the first version written.  I’ve tried typing it but it stops the creative flow every time!  It would be so much quicker if I could type it.

Q. How do you think you’ve evolved as a writer since you’ve started?
A. I’ve learnt from writing this book to edit edit edit and cull cull cull.  Writers have a tendency to be wordy and I’m up there with the best of them.

Q. Do you structure your plots or just go with the flow?
A. I structure the plots but as I write the book sometimes takes off on a different tangent and I go with that and then realign the plot to fit the twist.

Q. Do you work on a set amount of words per day or does it change?
A. I try to make myself write a set amount each day.  But if I was better at reaching that target I’d be a quicker writer.

Q. What time of the day do you find is best to write?
A. I love writing in the morning, my brain turns to mush after that so I use the afternoons for editing and now marketing.

Q. What draws you to this genre?
A. I love the paranormal genre because you usually find authors revisit previous characters. So if you loved a character they will continue to appear in the following books.

Q. Which author would compare yourself too?
A. I LOVE Nalini Singh, Christine Feehan, Kresley Cole and Shelly Laurenston, they are such talented authors.  Hopefully, fans of theirs will also enjoy mine.

Q. Who designed your front cover?
A. I designed the front cover, (but employed graphic artists to do the actual work!) I wanted to get away from the half-naked man on the front cover because sometimes you don’t want people to know you are reading a romance.  Besides the paranormal genre is so much more than romance, its action, adventure, thriller and fantasy as well and I wanted my cover to reflect that.

Q. Who was the first person you showed your novel too?
A. The first person I showed the book to was my ghost reader.  Who did a fantastic job of not destroying my ego but still giving me fantastic ideas on how to improve the book.

Q. Do you do all your own proofreading and editing?
A. I do a lot of editing myself but I also have the manuscript professionally edited as well.

Q. What are you reading at the moment?
A. I’m currently reading Shelly Laurenston’s Hunting Season.

Q. What was the first book you ever read?
A. This one will show my age but the first books I really got into were the Nancy Drew detective novels.

Q. Who is your most loved author?
A. Nalini Singh is my favourite author, I love the characters she creates and how they grow as the novel progresses.  The worlds she creates take you away from reality and you live the life of her main characters.

Q. What is the best book to film adaptation?
A. Lord of the Rings, it’s the one time where I thought the movie was better than the book.

Q. Where are your favourite places to read?
A. Outside in our yard, we are surrounded by nature here and I love listening to the birds in the surrounding trees and feeling the grass under my feet that is until the wretched mosquitoes come out!

Q. What books do you read to your children?
A. Anything that’s not scary, the poor kid takes after me and has the worst nightmares from watching or reading anything scary.

Q. When you read do you prefer a book or a Kindle/tablet?
A. I’m easy; I like the tablet because you can have so many books and not take up half the house storing them.

Q. Any tips for aspiring authors?
A. Somehow you have to give yourself time and if you’re going to get the best out of yourself it has to be a time where you’re wide away and your brain is ticking away.

Q. Excellent! What’s coming next?
A. I’m currently writing my next novel where I have a sexy irreverent heroine as an undercover agent investigating one of the characters from Predator’s Heart for murder.