Lord of the Rings: Apocalyptic Prophecies

Darkness covers the land, war and rumours of war threaten the lands of Middle Earth and the powers of evil are rising. The earth itself is convulsed, but there is hope; a small band of courageous souls enter upon a nigh impossible quest to quell a diabolical enemy. A hidden king comes to claim his rightful throne through the turmoil of battle, as foretold by prophets of old. Consequently, he rebuilds his kingdom laid waste by his enemies.

The plot of J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic High Fantasy epic, Lord of the Rings, is it not? However, the above narrative may be more than a fantastic story. Is it possible Tolkien was inspired by astounding Roman Catholic prophecies yet to be fulfilled? In fact, not many Catholics are aware of these prophecies, and for those who have read them do not believe, for they indeed sound surreal as though penned by a fiction author despite having been imparted by approved saints and mystics of the Church.

These little known prophecies may sound fantastic. However, in truth are downright frightening, condemning the sinful corruption of both the Church and the secular world alike. One may dare to suggest these foretellings have been suppressed from the majority of the faithful due to the damning nature of the warnings from Heaven despite receiving Church approval. But the prophecies are available for those who seek. Furtheremore, Tolkien being a devout Catholic may have woven threads of these revelations into his famous epic as the reader will discover.

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