Have you recently published an eBook and feel disappointed at the lack of sales you’re receiving? Marketing your newly published eBook is made easier than ever with the online presence of Independent Authors and various social media platforms. Follow these tips to help you reel in the sales.

#1 Ensure You Have a Perfect Cover & Title

This might seem obvious, but if your title doesn’t intrigue a potential reader, it doesn’t matter how great the content is, it just won’t be bought. The cover must also look professional because, unfortunately, people do judge a book by it’s cover.

#2 Have Your Books Reviewed

Your friends, family, work colleagues, book club etc are the prime target for receiving your first book reviews. Reviews are the key to selling more books. People won’t be willing to take the risk of investing their time and money in your book if no-one has left a nice review. You could also offer to write reviews for other authors in return for a review on your own book.

Pay attention to those reviews that offer constructive criticism, in order to help you improve. For example, if someone says “This was a great read, but there were several spelling and grammar errors”, you will know for your future eBooks that you need to proof-read more thoroughly.

#3 Give Your Book Away

Another easy way to get some reviews is to give your eBook away for free for a limited time. Giving your book away for free is also a fantastic way to generate word-of-mouth and help you build a fan-base, so to speak.

#4 Create a Blog/Website

Creating an author website provides you with another platform to get yourself noticed. You will also be respected as a writer and develop a fan base. A blog is a perfect place to promote your book further; you could post a chapter of your book to hook in the reader and leave them desperate to purchase the rest. Blogging can actually become quite a lucrative endeavour if you work hard enough at it.

#5 Make Sure the Price of Your eBook is Right

It’s useful to know that eBook readers are fairly price sensitive. Make sure you do some thorough research into what factors affect the price you should set your eBook. These include things like royalty percentages, the price of other eBooks in your genre and the length and quality of your book. You can’t expect a new reader to pay $10 for a 20-page book.

There are many other things to consider when publishing and marketing an eBook. These five should set you on the right track!